Home Loan Repayment

Home Loan Repayment

When it comes to managing a home loan, many homeowners seek effective strategies to expedite the repayment process and minimise interest expenses. In this article, we will explore three impactful strategies that can help you achieve financial efficiency and pay off your mortgage faster.

Opt for More Frequent Payments

Traditional monthly payments might not be the most efficient way to tackle your home loan. Consider making the switch to weekly or fortnightly contributions. This strategic adjustment takes advantage of the daily interest calculation method, leading to reduced monthly interest charges. The increased frequency of payments ensures that your loan balance decreases multiple times within the month, ultimately resulting in a substantial reduction in overall interest costs.

Harness the Power of an Offset Account

One often-overlooked tool in the homeowner’s financial toolkit is the offset account. By establishing an offset account linked to your mortgage, you can significantly decrease the interest accrued on your home loan. 

The concept is simple: deposit surplus funds into the offset account and the balance in this account directly offsets the loan amount on which interest is calculated. The more substantial the balance in the offset account, the greater the potential for interest savings, making it a savvy financial move for homeowners looking to accelerate their mortgage repayment.

Automate Elevated Repayments

Automation is a powerful ally in the quest for efficient financial management. Take advantage of automated payments by setting up higher weekly contributions. For instance, a modest increase of $50 per week on a 30-year loan of $500,000 with a 6% interest rate for both principal and interest can yield substantial savings. Over the life of the loan, this simple adjustment can result in savings of $110,219 in interest. Not only does this approach facilitate a faster mortgage payoff, but it also minimises overall interest expenses, aligning with prudent financial management.


Strategic financial decisions can make a significant impact on the trajectory of your mortgage repayment. By opting for more frequent payments, harnessing the power of an offset account and automating elevated repayments, you can unlock financial efficiency and work towards a mortgage-free future. 

Remember, every small adjustment adds up over time and the sooner you implement these strategies, the closer you’ll be to achieving your goal of financial freedom.

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